Men have to do a little better.

When a reporter capped off an 80-minute press conference by asking President Trump what message he had for young men. Trump answered that he thought it was a scary time to be a young man when any accusation can derail a life…

I thought about how I would answer the question.

Men have to do a little better. A few of us, not a lot. But enough of us have to do a lot better. We have to stop being so shocked when women tell us they have been harassed or assaulted. It is happening all the time, all around us, and we have to stop pretending like it is not. If we choose to do nothing about it, and if we hide behind nonsensical movements like #NotAllMen. Then we have to accept that we are a part of the problem. 

How do we do a little better?

Advice like “listen to women” is too vague and frankly, too easy. Instead, we should be a part of building stronger systems of prevention and accountability in our communities. 

Call out friends or coworkers who say and do things that you wouldn’t want to be said or done to your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, aunt, or grandmother. Start with “Shut up.” and escalate accordingly.

Get off the sidelines. Be the change. Do better. 



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  2. Goddess Asherah · December 10

    Preach, boy! I get harassed every day by handsome white men, and I turn them all down so I don’t get colonized. Real male allies believe harassment victims. Preach!

    Liked by 1 person

    • mindfulman · December 10

      Thank you so much for your comment and sharing. We can reach a point where this current wave of toxic masculinity does not have a space to operate in. #FightThePower

      Liked by 1 person

    • Amanda · December 10

      Wow how racist can you be?
      Can you imagine, “I get harassed every day by handsome black men and I turn them all down so I don’t get aids and a brood of uncared-for fatherless kids” ?
      You liberals are really nuts you know that? Damn kookoo birds


      • Goddess Asherah · December 12

        My body, my choice.


      • Amanda · December 12

        Your words are your choice too and they’re ignorant as hell.


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